If you came to Venice by car you can take the car to Lido di Venezia by a ferry boat that runs every 45 minutes from Tronchetto ( Venezia ferry boat stop). Lido is a very quiet place where to keep the car.
If you come by plane in airport "marco polo" there is a direct boat line called ALILAGUNA that arrives in Lido every hour.(from treviso "ryanair" there is a bus until "piazzale Roma")
If you arrive by train you have pubblic boat line 51 that arrives in Lido in 40 minutes and runs every 20 minutes. You may also take line 1 that runs every 10 minutes that goes trough Canal Grande, very beautifull trip if you're not to tired! Line 1 takes 1 hour to arrive to Lido.

The exact adress is "Via Tiro N° 12".

when you are in the Lido island, walk on the left side belong the lagoon, you will find very klose first one little gas station, after a little bridge, ad after other 200 meters a bigger "total" gas station.
here you'll find "Via M.Foscarini" whic cross "Via Tiro ".
here just at the corner you'll find the number 12.
Ring on the bell "CASATEA." or "STEVANATO E."